What Is Lymphedema – And How Does CARTI Treat It?

With any type of cancer, side effects of treatment can present their own sets of challenges. For breast cancer patients, these side effects can appear in a condition called lymphedema. Lymphedema typically occurs when a lymph node is damaged or removed, something that breast cancer patients often experience as part of their treatment. Fluid is … Continued

What Makes The Breast Center Different

When it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis, early detection can make a world of difference in a patient’s treatment. One of the best ways to catch breast cancer early on is through annual mammograms, typically recommended for women 40 and older. At The Breast Center at CARTI, the mammogram experience was designed with every … Continued

Cancer and Nutrition | Getting Nutritional Support

Nutrition is a key component to a healthy life, and even more so when it comes to cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. The things we eat have a direct impact on our long-term health, and the experts on CARTI’s Nutrition Services team help patients navigate the changes treatment has on their nutritional needs. How Does … Continued

Lung Cancer Screening A Breath Away

Arkansas is among the top five states for lung cancer deaths – and it’s not surprising. Smoking is an overwhelming risk factor, and despite national declines in cigarette smoking, Arkansas still holds strong in its usage. Paired with ongoing exposure to pesticides and a 15% genetic predisposition to lung cancer, it’s no wonder that lung … Continued

Healthy Recipes for Cancer Patients: BLT from Scratch

This might be the most homemade sandwich ever. Chef Coby from CARTI’s Hope Bistro shares his recipes for homemade focaccia bread, pork belly and mayonnaise to assemble a perfect BLT, all from scratch. Follow along below to get cooking! FOCACCIA BREAD Ingredients 5 cups of 100 degree water ½ oz yeast ¼ cup honey 3 … Continued

Healthy Recipes for Cancer Patients: Pork Belly Recipe

Here’s your chance to make your own bacon, just the way you like it. Pork belly can be intimidating to work with, but Chef Coby at the CARTI Hope Bistro breaks it down into a few simple steps. All you’ll need for this recipe is pork belly, salt and sugar. Instructions Rub the pork bellies … Continued

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips from Dr. J. Camilo Barreto

Summertime means more time spent in the sun, which can mean an increased exposure to UV rays. Studies show that this will lead to one in five Americans developing skin cancer by the time they’re 70. If skin cancer isn’t addressed early the disease can spread to the lymphatic system. Be proactive in fighting skin … Continued

‘Give Cancer the Boot’ on December 3 to Help Cancer Patients and Families

On Saturday, December 3, CARTI will join friends and supporters of the American Cancer Society at the 2022 Cattle Baron’s event to “Give Cancer the Boot,” an evening of western-filled fun. The event raises funds for transportation grants, which allow patients and families the means to access the treatment they need. The event will also … Continued


CARTI, Arkansas’s only non-profit care facility focused solely on cancer, is proud to announce that their Breast Imaging Center has received a Center of Excellence designation from the American College of Radiology (ACR). The Breast Center of Excellence designation by the ACR is granted to facilities that are accredited in mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy, and … Continued


Congratulations to our 2022 Nursing Compassion Nominees Sherri Horton, Leslie Mansfield and Alison Ruff and to our 2022 Outstanding Nurse Educator Nominee Lynda Jo Palmer. These awards are given by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing, Publishing Concepts, Inc., Farm Bureau of Arkansas, and Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center. Nominees were submitted by colleagues and patients who recognize … Continued