Dr. Robertson: Kidney Cancer Survivor

Though they may be experts on cancer, physicians may also have cancer risks. “Cancer does not discriminate,” says Dr. Yara Robertson, F.A.C.S, as she describes her battle with kidney cancer. Stories of breast cancer, lung cancer and others are are more common. However, she describes how more emphasis should be placed on listening to your … Continued


A year ago this February, Mitzi Merkel of Benton – wife, mother and nonprofit employee – was a newly diagnosed cancer patient. Since then, she’s faced the ups and downs of juggling treatment and a busy personal and professional life. But the surprising theme through it all? A whole lot of JOY. Here are a … Continued


When Elizabeth Kirk went in for a routine mammogram, she expected it to be exactly like other ones she’d gotten over the years. But a week later, her life looked completely different. Elizabeth’s mammogram was performed at The Breast Center at CARTI by Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley, who requested a follow-up ultrasound and biopsy. Elizabeth initially asked Dr. Smith-Foley … Continued

Mario’s Cancer Journey

When Mario Settles was diagnosed with cancer, his life changed. Two weeks later, COVID shutdowns began and the whole world changed. Mario now had to navigate cancer treatment and an ever-changing pandemic at the same time, with strict safety policies keeping family and friends from accompanying him to treatments. But the support system he found … Continued

Amanda’s Cancer Story

Amanda Elliott was walking a cancer journey with her husband when she too was diagnosed. To complicate matters, Amanda was also pregnant. When her doctor, Sam Makhoul, M.D., moved to CARTI, she chose to follow to continue getting exceptional care. Hear her inspiring story.


In August of 2021, Patricia Ent was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her primary care physician referred her to an oncologist where her breast cancer journey started on uncertain footing. “The first time I went to see him, he walked into the exam room and said, ‘Do you know how lucky you are?’” Patricia recalls. He … Continued

CARTI to Benefit from Erase the Trace, Fundraising Bike Ride Founded by Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton

444-Mile Ride to Benefit Glioblastoma Research and Patient Support Services CARTI is honored to serve as co-beneficiary of Erase the Trace, an 11 day, 444-mile fundraising bike ride along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Founded by Scott Hamilton, founder of The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, Erase the Trace was conceived by Scott Williams, a CARTI patient … Continued

A Personal Investment: Rene’ and Aaron Gamewell on the Community of CARTI

As seen in Little Rock Soiree, November issue. “I was fortunate enough to have the ability to go anywhere for treatment,” Aaron Gamewell says. “My insurance benefits allowed me to choose a primary care center, as well as the chance to get a second opinion. “After walking into CARTI for the first time, I didn’t … Continued

Tiffany Thompson’s Story | Two-Time Cancer Survivor Celebrates Final Chemotherapy Treatment Amidst Coronavirus

Two-time cancer survivor Tiffany Thompson didn’t let coronavirus damper the celebration of her final day of treatment. While safety protocols prevented her family and friends from joining her in person, they lined the drive outside the CARTI Cancer Center in Little Rock to share in her special moment! Watch to see their outpouring of support.

Dayle Carozza’s Story | Celebrating Victories in Uncertain Times

Dayle Carozza’s family and friends didn’t let coronavirus cast a shadow on the celebration surrounding her final day of treatment. While safety protocols prevented her family from being with her in person, they had a great plan to share her victory! Watch to see how they came together to show their support and love. #MoreThanEver, we’re here … Continued