Education and Wellness


Meets Weekly

For some, exercise is more than just a way to keep their bodies moving – it’s a way to restore their health and help them feel like themselves again. Maintain functionality, reduce stress and cultivate peace, with yoga sessions offered both in-person and online.

Cancer 101

Meets Weekly

The Cancer 101 is offered to provide tools and knowledge to empower patients and their care or support partners to take control over their diagnosis. Educational discussions will take place with patients and their care or support partners in regard to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and tackling a new or reoccurring diagnosis.

Genetics and Risk Management Educational Workshop

Meets Monthly

The CARTI Genetics and Risk Management clinic is a team of knowledgeable clinicians that are up to date on the latest genetics and risk management information. This workshop provides education on the awareness of evaluating your family health history and talking about the risks of inherited cancer. The risk management portion provides education on screening and managing the potential risks.

Massage Therapy

Daily Appointments Available

CARTI’s Massage Therapy offers oncology massage therapists that are specifically trained to provide individualized massage treatment to comfort and support patients throughout their cancer journey.

Eating Well with Chef Coby

Meets Twice Monthly

Chef Coby performs live cooking demonstrations for patients, family members and the community with wholesome recipes to nourish both the body and soul.

Healing Arts

Meets Monthly

Art can serve as a connection between the mind, emotions and the body. CARTI’s Healing Arts Support Group focuses on helping you heal on every level. Facilitated by Virmarie DePoyster, an educator who develops therapeutic art programs, providing safe spaces for self-reflection. Learn more about Virmarie DePoyster.