Whether you're looking for the latest announcements in world-class, comprehensive cancer care, a special event hosted by CARTI to fund new, state-of-the-art equipment, or the awarding of college scholarships to former patients, "CARTI in the News" can help you find out more.

Interventional Radiology Occupying Increasingly Prominent Role in Cancer Patient Care

November 19, 2018
By Dr. David Hays and Dr. Edgar D. St. Amour One of the most exciting subspecialties among cancer centers wasn’t originally developed for and isn’t limited to fighting that disease. Interventional radiology (IR), a subspecialty of radiology, uses minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system. It runs a wide… View Article


Jami Grove’s Story

November 5, 2018
March 16th, 2015 began as a normal day for Jami Grove. But after a routine mammogram and ultrasound, the day ended with a diagnosis of breast cancer. A lumpectomy confirmed her worst fears – breast cancer.  Several months later, on her birthday, Jami received the results from a pet scan, which showed metastatic breast cancer. … View Article


Lauren Miller’s Story | Breast Cancer Month

October 29, 2018
Lauren Miller of Benton, Ark., was not a candidate for breast cancer. She was young. She had no family history. Yet, there she was, the month after her 29th birthday, face to face with a stage three invasive carcinoma her2 positive diagnosis. When she found the lump, she was sitting in a hospital waiting room… View Article


CARTI North Little Rock Debuts New Technology for Precise Cancer Treatment

October 11, 2018
In June, CARTI North Little Rock began treating cancer patients with Vision RT — a new technology that makes sure radiation is delivered every treatment to the precise spot cancer has been detected. Although it is initially geared toward breast cancer patients to ensure the lowest possible dose to the heart, the applications go well… View Article


CARTI Receives $55,000 Arkansas Cancer Coalition Grant

October 4, 2018
CARTI has been awarded a $55,000 grant from the Arkansas Cancer Coalition to help implement cancer control efforts in support of the Arkansas Cancer Plan. “We are incredibly thankful for this generous gift from our friends at the Arkansas Cancer Coalition,” says Katherine L. Friend, CFRE, CARTI Foundation president.  “This grant will directly benefit the CARTI… View Article


CARTI Looks to Clinical Trials to Provide Patients More Options

September 26, 2018
By Dr. Ryan Hall, M.D. At CARTI, the treatment process starts with medical oncology. In an individualized fashion, we determine what the patient needs, and when. Does the patient need radiation or surgery or chemotherapy? When patients come to us, they want to know, “What do the next four, six, eight weeks look like?” Of… View Article


CARTI Physician Awarded Fellowship in Radiation Oncology

June 12, 2018
  Dr. David Hays of CARTI has been named an American College of Radiology (ACR) Fellow. He is the medical director of imaging and interventional oncology, who practices interventional radiology and serves as a diagnostic radiologist. He will be recognized in a ceremony in Washington, D.C., May 19. ACR Fellowship is awarded to members of… View Article


Wendy Wells’ Story

June 4, 2018
“You Helped Wendy Beat Cancer, and Now You and She are Teammates.” No 23-year-old expects cancer. Wendy Wells sure didn’t. She thought she had some kind of infection. But after running a battery of tests, Wendy’s doctor asked her a question she’ll never forget: “Have you heard of Hodgkin lymphoma?” In fact, Wendy had lost… View Article


Lee Wilson’s Story

“In the Fight Against Cancer, There’s No Better Friend than YOU!” I can’t tell you enough how much your messages of hope mean to patients like me. Cancer’s been part of my life for much too long. It stripped me of my mother and father. And I bet you’ve paid a toll in your life… View Article


Erica Rodgers’ Story

“I was scared, but CARTI had everything I needed.” Just over a year ago, Erica Rodgers’ regular mammogram revealed a tumor in her right breast. Tests proved it to be early-stage breast cancer. Almost before she knew it, Erica was meeting with CARTI’s medical team to put together a treatment plan. “You hear stories about… View Article