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Laura Chambers’ Story: Fighting Cancer with Genetic Counseling

Five years ago, Laura Chambers found out that breast cancer ran in her family. She decided to take action, and genetic testing at CARTI revealed that she carried the NBN gene mutation, which put her at a high risk for developing breast cancer.

She met with Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley at The Breast Center at CARTI, who was able to help her identify other risk factors and develop a treatment plan to stay ahead of a potential cancer diagnosis. While she went into her first appointment nervous, Dr. Smith-Foley quickly helped her feel at ease and confident in her care.

The Breast Center team’s expertise coupled with the leading-edge technology has helped put Laura’s mind at ease about her breast cancer risk, and about the treatment she’d receive if she was ever diagnosed. Hear more about Laura’s journey in the video below.

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