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Wendy Wells’ Story

“You Helped Wendy Beat Cancer, and Now You and She are Teammates.”

Wendy was only 23 when she was diagnosed with cancer. As a survivor, she joins you in giving to the CARTI Foundation so others can triumph, too!

No 23-year-old expects cancer. Wendy Wells sure didn’t. She thought she had some kind of infection. But after running a battery of tests, Wendy’s doctor asked her a question she’ll never forget: “Have you heard of Hodgkin lymphoma?”

In fact, Wendy had lost a cousin to Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system, not long before. And now she had it, too. Given Wendy’s age and family history, you might have expected that news to be devastating. But it wasn’t.

“I was at peace,” she remembers. “I wasn’t concerned. I knew God was in control. We caught it early, and I had great support from my family and friends. Everything would be fine.”

Wendy had something else in her favor, too: She was treated at CARTI, where generous friends like you help make sure everyone who comes through our doors receives the very highest standard of cancer care.

“Everyone at CARTI was exceptional,” Wendy says.