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Sharon House’s Story

Cancer can be an intimidating disease, and seeing the bright side can be nearly impossible in the face of a cancer diagnosis. But for Sharon House, maintaining a sense of joy is what helped her fight.

“I know that nobody wants cancer, but you have to keep your spirits up,” Sharon said. On February 15, 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sharon had always been able to stay strong through hard times before, and those who love her knew this challenge would be no different.

“I just knew that a cancer diagnosis for my mom was going to break me,” said Tori House, Sharon’s daughter. “My brain and heart instantly went to worst case scenario. I let myself feel those feelings, then reminded myself that my mom is the strongest person I know, so I have to be that same strength for her.”

Following her diagnosis, Sharon did 16 chemotherapy treatments, a double mastectomy and 30 radiation treatments at CARTI. There, she received treatment from Dr. Rhonda Gentry and her team and was met with compassion and commitment every step of the way.

“I love everyone that I have met through this journey. I have never met more caring people in my life. Dr. Gentry’s staff is great and the people at the infusion center were all wonderful,” Sharon said.

“Cancer isn’t for the faint of heart. But CARTI definitely made this journey easier,” Tori said. “The team at CARTI was just as invested in my mom’s journey as we were.”

While her journey was a difficult one, Sharon never lost her sense of joy – Tori even said that “she may have lost her hair, but she never lost her smile.” Sharon is now cancer-free, and encourages other patients to try their best to keep their head up.

“You will feel so much better if you have a good attitude.  I have smiled all the way through and you can too!”