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Erica Rodgers’ Story

Breast Cancer Treatment | CARTI Success Story

When Erica Rodgers was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t have to fight her battle alone. She had her husband Brian, her family and friends, CARTI, and you in her corner!

“I was scared, but CARTI had everything I needed.”

Just over a year ago, Erica Rodgers’ regular mammogram revealed a tumor in her right breast. Tests proved it to be early-stage breast cancer. Almost before she knew it, Erica was meeting with CARTI’s medical team to put together a treatment plan.

“You hear stories about cancer,” Erica remembers, “but I never knew what my mental state would be once I was diagnosed. I was scared, but I just took it on.

Erica’s surgeon removed the cancer, and that operation was followed by reconstructive surgery, two months of chemotherapy, and six weeks of radiation. Treatment was an ordeal, Erica says, but “CARTI had everything I needed.”