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Festival of Fashion | Boutique Feature

As seen in the October issue of Inviting Arkansas.

B. Barnett | Model Jessica Suen
“CARTI is an incredible institution that helps to save the lives of many people suffering from different cancers. We have always felt the need to support organizations making a significant difference in our beautiful state.” – Dallas Yarnell

Indigo | Model Ava Wahlquist
“Festival of Fashion is our favorite event to go to and CARTI is near and dear to many of our employees.  We are always very excited to support it.” – Lindsey Landers 

Barbara/Jean | Model Arielle Reeder with Sculp Agency
“We love giving back and supporting all the people who work so hard to make Little Rock a great place to live! And it’s especially important now to recognize and support our healthcare workers!” – Tiffany Robinson 

Baumans | Model Tyler Phelan
“CARTI plays a huge role in our community and provide the top service that we try to mimic.”  – Myron J. Yancy  

Scarlet | Model Olivia Phelan 
“We believe in, support and are thankful for CARTI’s mission. We love the combination of a fashion show that is centered around the stores in our community but for such a great cause.” –   Jeanne Johansson 

Steamroller Blues | Model Sydney Owens
“We gladly support CARTI’s efforts in providing premium care to cancer patients. While we wish cancer did not even exist, unfortunately it does, and it has affected so many of our customers, family and staff.” – Kaitlin Minton 

Dillard’s | Model Paten Denton with Sculp Agency
“CARTI is a critical part of the Central Arkansas healthcare network and we appreciate the incredible doctors and healthcare professionals that work tirelessly to keep our community healthy.” – Annemarie Dillard Jazic

Roberson’s Fine Jewelry | Model Shelby Ward
“Being able to share our passion for CARTI with people that love fashion like we do! CARTI has touched all of us. We all know someone that this program has affected.” – Trish Roberson 

Beyond Cotton 2 | Model Jennifer Shelton with Sculp Agency
“As a business owner I am committed to supporting my community and giving support to cancer victims and families. CARTI touches all our hearts and lives.” – Mandy Schuster 

AtelierDirect by Lafayette 148 | Model Ashley Bermingham with The Agency
CARTI is a wonderful organization that literally breathes life into our city. It feels great to come together and give back.” – Jill Ricciardone 

E. Leigh’s | Model Tori Owens
“CARTI has treated both of my parents and now many friends. CARTI is a bright light for their patients and their families during their darkest time.” – Erin Hohnbaum

Vesta’s | Model Treloni Flourjoy with Sculp Agency
“We are excited to hit the runway with all the fashion flair for holiday. Local boutiques joining together for a cause that has touched us all is a great ‘feel good’ to kick off the holidays.” – Melissa Tanner