Are You High Risk for Cancer? How to Find Out

Understanding a patient’s risk for developing cancer may seem as simple as looking at their family history – but for some, that’s not the case. The presence of genetic mutation doesn’t necessarily mean that they will develop cancer, and the absence of one doesn’t mean they won’t. At CARTI’s Cancer Genetics and Risk Management Clinic, our … Continued


Cancer affects one in three individuals, which means that all of us should be aware of family history, lifestyle contributors and, of course, signs and symptoms. But advancements in diagnostic radiology can reveal what other tests can’t – subtle changes that indicate cancer in its earliest stages. And that’s just the beginning. Key Screenings As … Continued

What Is Lymphedema – And How Does CARTI Treat It?

With any type of cancer, side effects of treatment can present their own sets of challenges. For breast cancer patients, these side effects can appear in a condition called lymphedema. Lymphedema typically occurs when a lymph node is damaged or removed, something that breast cancer patients often experience as part of their treatment. Fluid is … Continued

Why Ask for CARTI? | The Best Choice for Cancer Care in Arkansas

No one asks for cancer. It can come out of nowhere, be inherited genetically or stem from certain lifestyles, but cancer can happen to anyone. It’s easy to feel stripped of one’s sense of control after a diagnosis, but patients can regain control of some part of their journey by asking for the best care. … Continued

How CyberKnife Technology is Changing Cancer Treatment

Oncology is a constantly changing field, and CARTI is dedicated to staying on top of the latest advancements in cancer technology. One of the latest and most exciting developments in CARTI’s treatment is the addition of the CyberKnife S7 System. This system uses ultra-precise technology that targets cancer so effectively, it can reduce a patient’s … Continued

Lung Cancer Screening A Breath Away

Arkansas is among the top five states for lung cancer deaths – and it’s not surprising. Smoking is an overwhelming risk factor, and despite national declines in cigarette smoking, Arkansas still holds strong in its usage. Paired with ongoing exposure to pesticides and a 15% genetic predisposition to lung cancer, it’s no wonder that lung … Continued

What makes a patient high-risk for cancer?

Many patients assume that a negative test for a cancer-causing genetic mutation means they are not at a high risk for breast cancer, but that’s not always the case. In fact, only 10% of breast cancer patients have a genetic mutation. Yara Robertson, M.D., F.A.C.S., who is a high risk patient herself, sees many patients … Continued

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips from Dr. J. Camilo Barreto

Summertime means more time spent in the sun, which can mean an increased exposure to UV rays. Studies show that this will lead to one in five Americans developing skin cancer by the time they’re 70. If skin cancer isn’t addressed early the disease can spread to the lymphatic system. Be proactive in fighting skin … Continued

How CyberKnife Technology Treats Cancer in Fewer Sessions | Steven Jordan’s Story

Steven Jordan has always led an active lifestyle, volunteering, participating in car conventions and keeping up with his two dogs. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer the only options given to him were 45 days of radiation therapy or surgery with a six-week recovery timeline. For Steven, this meant sacrificing his lifestyle so he decided … Continued

How CARTI Is Bringing More Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment to Adult Patients

Clinical trials are a type of research study that examines how effective, new methods of treatment, screening and prevention work in patients. In cancer treatment, clinical trials can have a profound impact on survival rates – and CARTI is dedicated to providing the most innovative care through clinical trials to its patients. The National Cancer Act, … Continued