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Lisa Longinotti Honored with DAISY Award

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that nurses are heroes on the cancer journey. Whether they’re walking patients through their first infusion treatment, educating caregivers on how to make their patients more comfortable or providing a listening ear, they do so much to provide exceptional care – and CARTI is fortunate to have a team full of nurses who go above and beyond.

The DAISY Award is awarded every quarter to an outstanding nurse who shows not only expertise in clinical care, but also compassion for their patients. The award is given based on nominations from patients, families and co-workers – first hand accounts of the diligence, kindness and determination displayed by these nurses each day. Three of CARTI’s nurses were recently honored with DAISY Awards, and we’re so proud to see their hard work recognized in such a meaningful way.

About Lisa Longinotti

Lisa is more than a nurse; she’s a source of solace. Her vast knowledge of oncology and her dedication to each patient’s well-being make her one of the best in her field. Lisa spends significant time with her patients, ensuring their questions are answered and their emotional needs are met.

Her advocacy extends beyond the bedside. Lisa stands up for her patients with physicians, staying late to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans, ensuring complete understanding. She’s a comforting presence in difficult times, often sharing in her patients’ sorrow. Lisa’s heart is as big as her smile, seen in her acts of kindness, from consoling grieving families to buying food for hungry patients.

Lisa Longinotti exemplifies what it means to be a DAISY Award honoree. Her dedication, compassion, and advocacy make her a true asset to our organization and a source of inspiration for all of us.

“Lisa is one of the best nurses in the building! Her knowledge of oncology is incredibly vast – and her love and compassion for our patients is equally as big. She spends so much time with each patient, making sure all of their questions are answered and they are emotionally ok.”