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James Law Honored with DAISY Award

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that nurses are heroes on the cancer journey. Whether they’re walking patients through their first infusion treatment, educating caregivers on how to make their patients more comfortable or providing a listening ear, they do so much to provide exceptional care – and CARTI is fortunate to have a team full of nurses who go above and beyond.

The DAISY Award is awarded every quarter to an outstanding nurse who shows not only expertise in clinical care, but also compassion for their patients. The award is given based on nominations from patients, families and co-workers – first hand accounts of the diligence, kindness and determination displayed by these nurses each day. Three of CARTI’s nurses were recently honored with DAISY Awards, and we’re so proud to see their hard work recognized in such a meaningful way.

About James Law

With years of experience in oncology nursing, James is a wealth of knowledge, always willing to share his expertise with others. He goes beyond his role to ensure not only the physical well-being of his patients but also their comfort and quality of life.

One extraordinary example of James’s dedication stands out. He encountered a rectal cancer patient who suffered from excruciating pain every time she tried to sit in a chair. This discomfort wasn’t limited to her visits for infusions at our center; it followed her home as well. James made it his mission to find a solution.

After several attempts and the patience to try various chairs in the infusion center, James found the perfect chair that brought much-needed comfort to the patient. But his care didn’t stop there. He went the extra mile by reaching out to CARTI’s executive leadership team to inquire if the patient could be gifted the chair for her home use.

On the day of her last chemotherapy treatment, the patient received not only the gift of healing but also the gift of comfort, thanks to James’s compassion and determination.

James Law exemplifies the essence of a DAISY Award honoree. His commitment to patient care, empathy, and willingness to make an extra effort showcase the kind of nurse we are proud to have at CARTI.

“James has been in the game for a while now, he is an outstanding nurse and provides so much knowledge in oncology to not only his patients, but also us young new nurses.”