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Dear Diary, Sarah Wilson

As seen in Inviting Arkansas, October 2019.

As a CARTI patient, Sarah Wilson considers herself a thriver rather than survivor – it’s a victor, not a victim, perspective that resonates as she reflects on her cancer experiences. With plans to live her fullest life, Sarah shares some secrets for feeling healthy + happy.

Sarah recalls her immediate response to her cancer diagnosis as, “God is with me. He had already been preparing my heart, so a sense of peace washed over me.”

“I love Arbonne RE9 Anti-aging + Arbonne Biohydria lines.”

“I’m super sensitive to synthetic fragrances, but have come to love essential oils for many reasons. My favorite scents are Young Living’s Valor and Bergamot.”

“GET OUTSIDE. Something about nature just seems to restore the standard. Oh, and a long detox bath + a good book.”

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