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CARTI Partners with Namida Lab to Study Proteins in Cancer Patients’ Tears

Study will identify whether cancer can be identified through tears

CARTI has partnered with Namida Lab, ® Inc., a Fayetteville, Arkansas-based biotech company with a mission to develop novel cancer diagnostics based on proteins from tears, on a new research study. The study, which will begin in January 2021 and continue for 10 months, will collect tear samples from patients who have been diagnosed with multiple cancers but who have not yet begun treatment. The study is fully funded by Namida Lab, and participants will incur no cost.

“CARTI is honored to participate in this revolutionary trial,” said Sam Makhoul, M.D., medical director of clinical research at CARTI. “Our patients’ tears will provide helpful data that may positively impact the way we can diagnose cancers for years to come. We are proud to partner with Namida Lab as they continue their research and development into cancer screening through tear proteins and cancer biomarkers.”

With 18 treatment locations in 15 communities across the state, CARTI will enroll cancer patients diagnosed with multiple cancers. To participate in this study, individuals must have been diagnosed with breast, ovarian, prostate, melanoma, pancreatic, or colon cancer but not yet have begun treatment.

“We greatly value the opportunity to establish clinical partnerships right here in Arkansas. We know patients are being asked to participate in research at a very stressful time and we appreciate their willingness to help us move our work forward,” says Namida Lab R&D scientist Prashanth Ravishankar.

If you are interested in enrolling in this or other studies at Namida Lab, please visit to learn more.

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