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CARTI Introduces Spectral CT For Improved Patient Care

Diagnostic radiologists at CARTI can now obtain more comprehensive imaging in one, low-dose exam thanks to newly installed technology described as the world’s first spectral-based Computed Tomotherpay (CT) scanner. “At CARTI, we are constantly faced with the challenge of running the appropriate tests to uncover critical information without exposing the patient to unnecessary procedures and exposures,” said Jan Burford, CARTI president and CE0, discussing the cancer care providers’ recently acquired Philips IQon Spectral CT.

“The IQon CT allows for an improved patient experience, which is paramount to CARTI’s central focus on patient-centered cancer treatment,” said Burford.

Driven by input collected from medical professionals and patients, the IQon Spectral Scanner was designed specifically to provide a solution that could be used for any type of patient, with results collected as part of a routine CT scan.

Providing exceptional image quality needed to make a confident diagnosis in even the most challenging case, the IQon Spectral CT offers valuable insights designed to help physicians decrease the number of inconclusive patient findings.

“Knowing that CARTI is providing the latest, greatest in scanning makes you feel confident that they are getting the highest quality image possible in order to best treat your cancer,” said Lynn Short of Little Rock, a breast cancer patient currently being treated at CARTI.

Short was one of the first patients to be scanned on the new IQon CT at the Cancer Center.

“From what I understand, often people go get a CT and have to be rescanned if the image isn’t as clear as they need,” said Short. “There are so many stressful things you have to go through during treatment, so knowing that the CT scan is right the first time thanks to this new technology takes one more worry off of your mind.”