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Alison Ruff honored with DAISY Award

After a life-altering cancer diagnosis, the kindness and care of a special nurse made all the difference for one CARTI patient. Alison Ruff went above and beyond to make this patient feel comfortable, reassured and cared for – and Alison’s compassion and hard work has now earned her a DAISY Award.

The DAISY Award is part of a nationally-recognized program that celebrates exceptional nurses who make a tangible impact with their work. The award is judged based on nominations submitted by patients, coworkers and community members who see the hard work of these nurses firsthand. This touching account of how she was able to make a patient’s cancer journey a little easier exemplifies why Alison deserves this recognition – and is an all-around excellent nurse.

About Allison Ruff

December 2022 brought with it a life-altering diagnosis for one of our patients. Pancreatic cancer, a disease that often takes us by surprise, had suddenly become a part of their life story. Amid the trauma and uncertainty, one nurse emerged as a guiding light and a source of reassurance — Alison Ruff.

When faced with the unimaginable, the patient turned to CARTI for their medical care. Throughout their journey, they primarily visited our Conway location for their care and treatment. Among the exceptional staff at CARTI Conway, Alison stood out as a true guardian of care and compassion.

From the very first visit, as an apprehensive patient grappling with the unknown, Alison’s presence was a soothing balm for frayed nerves. Her sweet voice and reassuring manner instantly calmed fears and anxiety, making each visit a bit more manageable.

What sets Alison apart is not just her professionalism but her unwavering dedication to patient well-being. For this patient, whose veins played a game of hide-and-seek, Alison became a lifesaver. They fondly refer to her as “first time, every time Alison” because, without fail, she would find the elusive vein on the very first attempt. For anyone who has experienced the frustration of multiple needle pricks, Alison’s skill was a game-changer, transforming chemotherapy visits into more bearable experiences.

While the entire nursing team at Conway deserves accolades, Alison’s compassion, competence, and winning attitude are truly exceptional. Her enthusiasm and encouragement became pillars of strength for patients like the one she helped navigate through the challenges of cancer treatment.

And, on that emotional last day of chemotherapy, Alison’s heartfelt hug conveyed more than words ever could. It was a moment of closure and celebration, marking not just the end of treatment but also the beginning of a new chapter.

“From my very first visit as an apprehensive patient not knowing what to expect, Alison was there to comfort and attend to my every need. Her sweet voice and reassuring manner immediately eased my fears and nervousness. For every visit to Conway, she was always the same – friendly, professional, comforting, uplifting, and extremely competent at her job.”