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Reverend Larry Charles offers spiritual guidance to CARTI patients

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CARTI offers leading-edge cancer treatment for more than 23,000 people every year throughout Arkansas. And for those who need encouragement and prayer, they have a pastor who meets with patients daily.

Wes McFarland is at CARTI two or three times a week for chemotherapy and cancer treatments.

“I have stage 4 colon cancer, diagnosed November 7, 2016,” says Wes.

Any cancer diagnosis is tough and his road hasn’t been easy. That’s where his faith comes in.

“If I didn’t have my faith in God, I don’t know how they get through everyday life without God, much less cancer,” says Wes.

And he’s had help along the way through Reverend Larry Charles.

“He’s just a great man of God and I appreciate him being around here. It’s great watching him pray with people,” says Wes.

Reverend Charles, also known as “Brother Larry”, is the Director of Pastoral Care of CARTI patients. He also visits eleven other clinics throughout the state and is the pastor of Breath of Life Church in Bryant.

He’s well-known and well-loved at CARTI.

“He can walk in the room and everyone starts smiling and everyone says ‘Hey Brother Larry’,” he says.

He’s guiding people through what could be one of the hardest times of their lives.

“Giving stability in the midst of instability, faith can move mountains, can help you see what in invisible, and give you strength in the midst of weakness,” says Brother Larry.

He says he sees a huge difference in those who cling to faith as they battle cancer.

“People who grab a hold of faith are anchored in their most stormy time of their lives,” says Brother Larry.

Making an impact by giving the gift of hope.

“He’s just a really encouraging person.”