What should I do first?

If paying your bill creates a financial burden, it is very important to let us know so we can help. Please contact us at 501-537-8641.

What is Financial Assistance?

If approved, Financial Assistance reduces your CARTI bill. How much it is reduced is based on established guidelines that include: income level, existing debts, medical situation, and other indicators of inability to pay. If you think you might qualify for assistance, we encourage you to contact us and apply.

You may be eligible for:

  • Medicaid
  • Copay Assistance
  • Drug Financial Assistance through various Foundations
  • Payment Plans

Who qualifies for financial assistance?

Financial Assistance is available for patients with limited incomes and who are uninsured or underinsured.

Patients may be eligible to receive financial assistance for non-emergency, medically necessary services at CARTI if they meet the income limits.

If your income is at or below 150% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines and you meet the Charity Care guidelines, you may be eligible for care at a reduced cost to you.

What if I do not meet the income limits for Financial Aid/Charity Care?

If you cannot pay your bill, payment plans may be arranged with CARTI.
Please contact us at 501-758-0348 or 888-758-6800 to speak with a Billing Department representative.


What is the Average Out-of-Pocket Cost for Someone Without Insurance?

Costs will vary depending on the health care service rendered and the setting in which the care is delivered.

Can someone explain the Financial Assistance Program and help me apply?

  • Yes, free confidential help is available. Call our Financial Counselors at 501-537-8641, or visit the Financial Counselors at CARTI Cancer Center on the 1st floor, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
  • If you do not speak English, someone will help you in your own language.

The Financial Counselor can tell you if you qualify for free or low-cost insurance such as Medicaid. If the Financial Counselor finds that you do not qualify for low-cost insurance they will help you apply for Financial Assistance to reduce your bill. The Financial Counselor will help you fill out all the forms and tell you which documents you need to bring.