Wendy Wells

“Everyone at CARTI was exceptional.”

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Lee Wilson

“In the Fight Against Cancer, There’s No Better Friend than YOU!”

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Erica Rodgers

“I was scared, but CARTI had everything I needed.”

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Shelly Borden

“I was just petrified, I was 53 years old, health as a horse my entire life. A cancer diagnosis will wake you up.”

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Sanford Tollette

“If me telling my story can help one man out there go and get his PSA checked then I will feel doubly blessed.”

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Paula Pistorius

“I can look back on this as a very personal example of all that CARTI provides to those of us who travel this road to recovery.”
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Ann and John Freely

“Once you’re part of this community,” says John, “it’s life altering.” The CARTI staff is unparalleled, he says, from the physicians to the nurses to the volunteers. “You get the feeling that they’re committed to your survival,” he says.
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Sherry Booles

“CARTI is one of those things Arkansas needs to be proud of. They made me feel like I was the most important person there. I still take doughnuts to my therapists.”
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